Flo’s collection will sponsor almost any team under the following conditions:

1. Complete this form in it’s entirely including email & birth date. You will be entered into
our mailing list and your email has to be approved as valid.
2. Must have 70% team participation after each game/match at Flo’s to receive any future
3. Team must hand in schedule by 1st Game.
4. Team must wear a Jersey/Shirt with a Flo’s Logo (One of the four shown Below)

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Player 5

Player 6

Player 7

Player 8

Player 9

Player 10

Player 11

Player 12

Player 13

Player 14

Player 15


Convenience & Security

To cater to those who would like to enjoy Flo’s from the comfort of home, we’ve implemented online ordering so you can order right from your phone or computer and pick it up right from the restaurant.

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